The Park is for the use and enjoyment of the general public and Peckham Rye Park is unique in that it has so many areas of interest. The large open spaces are often used by young people to play football, both organised matches and friends enjoying a general kick about. It is also especially popular for dog walkers as dogs can run around with new found freedom from the concrete jungle around and about.

There is a lovely picnic area under the trees with tables and benches. The paths are a haven for joggers away from the traffic and the ornamental gardens and woodland areas are calm havens just for a leisurely walk after a long day at work. The lake with ducks and geese is especially popular with the children.

Parents with young children use the Park on a regular basis and there is a play site in the Park for the children on the corner near the lake. Between the Common and the Park where the old POW huts were situated, near the car park is the 'One o'clock' club for parents with small children.

Children's playrooms
These are operated by Southwark Council. The most up-to-date information can be found on the council website and search on Peckham Rye Playroom.

Green gym
Next to the skate park and children’s play areas is a green gym – the first open-air gym to be installed in London.

Adventure playground
Situated near Homestall Road for 8-16 year olds - click here for more details...

Dog walkers
All dogs need at least one walk a day, whatever the season, come rain or shine. It is no surprise therefore that dog walkers make up the majority of the Park's population of users at any given time. A group of them meet with their dogs in the early evening after work on the second field from the main entrance. Anyone new to the area with a dog will find it a good way to meet fellow dog walkers and exchange news and views on the Park. As such frequent users of the Park the dog walkers can also keep an eye out for any suspicious activities or anti social behaviour. Nowadays anyone using the Park should carry a mobile phone so that the appropriate authorities can be called if needed.

Problems in the Park
It is a sad fact of today's society that there are a few individuals who do not appreciate the beauty of the Park and are determined to spoil it for the majority. In the summer school holidays when the majority of people want to use the Park, vandalism is at its worst. The bowling green and the Sexby Garden seem to be a focal area for the worst of the destruction. Antisocial behaviour should be reported to the anti-social behaviour unit at Southwark Council. Call 020 7525 5777
or email

Also the Peckham Safer Neighbourhood police service can be contacted on

Their phone number for non-emergency calls only is
020 8721 2443 or 020 7378 1212.

This number should be used to report suspicious behaviour or witness of any sort of anti social behaviour. In an emergency, as always, call 999 that the appropriate authorities can be called if needed.

Aim of FOPRP

The Friends of Peckham Rye Park is an action group made up of local residents and park users who lobby for the upkeep of this special green space. We'd love you to join us...


The old English word for
hill being 'peac' and 'ham' meaning village

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